Mike Abkin

Mike Abkin

Are you passionate about building peace in the United States?
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Beginning in 2017, we are focusing our programmatic resources on addressing issues of violence head on.  Addressing not just the obvious violence we see every day, but the deep systems, structures, and cultures of violence that affect us all. The National Peace Academy is expanding its board and looking for members who will bring their vision, expertise, and energy to this work.

NPA founder, trustee, past president, and board member Dot Maver is giving the keynote address at the Mohonk Conference, Realizing a Culture of Peace, November 7, 2016, at Mohonk Mountain House Parlor in New Paltz, NY.

The Conference will explore:

  • How can we create a just and sustainable society that is ethically and ecologically sound?
  • How can we live and work together to build safe and nonviolent communities?
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Dot speaking 1Dot Maver (NPA founder, trustee, past president, and board member) published the following article for the Ashland (OR) Peace Commission in the Ashland Daily Tidings, Sunday, Oct 9, 2016:

It all started at age 13. My anger exploded at my brother and then dissolved as I “saw myself in other.” I swore off anger. Years later, while coaching softball, I realized my essential desire was to put an end to violence. I discovered a means to do so through sports, using a shared-responsibility, shared-leadership model based on cooperative competition. Competition and striving together to improve: the basis of the Olympics.