Dale Snauwaert PPI Plenary 2011

Care of the Self and the Development of the Moral Resources as a Foundation to Peacebuilding

Dale Snauwaert, Associate Professor, Department of Educational Foundations and Leadership, The University of Toledo

Dale SnauwaertThis lecture was presented at National Peace Academy’s 2011 Peacebuilding Peacelearning Intensive in Burlington, Vermont.  Dale Snauwaert shared the idea of right relationship with one’s self as an essential mode of peace learning, which is foundational to peacebuilding. The basic assumption of the presentation was that peacebuilding requires not only the transformation of social structures but also the transformation of consciousness.  “Unilateral internal disarmament” is necessary for both inner and outer peace. Peacebuilding requires a “being orientation” to self-identity, which both implies and requires respect and care for the self, and the development of internal moral resources, including the capacity for critical self-reflection and transformation.

*Note for those who are pursuing the adult self-study guide of NPA’s free online curriculum “Peace, Peacebuilding, Peacelearning: A Holistic Introduction:”

Key Concepts:
Self-transformation, inner peace, peacebuilding, being orientation, self-reflection, inner exploration, right relationship with self, care of the self, moral resources

Knowledge-based Learning Objectives:

  • Knowledge of a being orientation distinct from a having orientation
  • Knowledge of methods of self-reflection and transformation
  • Understanding of the relationship between inner and outer peace

Skill-based Learning Objectives:

  • Self-reflection
  • Multi-perspective taking
  • Critical thinking

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