The National Peace Academy describes the instructors and faculty of its programs as “edu-learners.”  Edu-learner is a concept developed by Betty Reardon.  She defines an “edu-learner (as) a practitioner/theorist whose primary activity is learning while trying to help other people learn.  The most fundamental aspect of the edu-learning process is the role of the teacher as learner and the view of learning as a lifelong process of experience reflected upon and integrated into new learning in an organic, cyclical mode, a mode that is conscious of the relations between the inner experience and the outer realities.

Certificate Program Faculty

PPI Faculty: Plenary Presenters | Workshop Leaders

  • Kristin Famula  Director of Programs, National Peace Academy
  • Paula Guarnaccia
  • Sam Guarnaccia Freelance Composer, Guitarist, Scholar, SGM
  • Tony Jenkins Vice President for Academic Affairs, National Peace Academy
  • Bill McKibben  author, educator, and environmentalist; 350.org
  • Patricia Mische Co-Founder, Global Education Associates; former Lloyd Professor of Peace Studies & World Law, Antioch College
  • Mary Lee Morrison President and Founding Director, Pax Educare, Inc. The CT Center for Peace Education
  • John Reuwer MD – emergency physician and 30 year peace activist with extensive experience in nonviolent actions in eight countries and Washington DC.
  • Arthur Romano  Certified nonviolence trainier and accomplished international educator
  • Amy Seidl Author and Lecturer, Environmental Studies Program, University of Vermont
  • Dale Snauwaert Associate Professor, Department of Educational Foundations and Leadership, The University of Toledo

PPI Edulearners: Peacelearning & Reflection Group Facilitators

  • Mike Abkin Board Chair, National Peace Academy
  • Dawn Alber Director, Meadowsweet Farm Environmental Education Center and Program Coordinator, Portage Park District.
  • Liz Alexander Reverend, Presbyterian Church (USA)
  • Patti Bailie Education Director, The Biosophical Institute
  • Dhairya Dalal
  • Lou Ensel  Board of Directors, National Peace Academy; and Executive Director, Biosophical Institute
  • Martha Gallahue Ethical Culture Clergy Leader, Main Representative at the UN for the National Ethical Service
  • Lisa Worth Huber Academic Director, The Graduate Institute’s MA program in Conflict Transformation
  • Tiffany Jenkins Learning Manager at Queens Paideia School
  • Barb Mallin
  • Dot Maver  President, National Peace Academy
  • Mary Lee Morrison President and Founding Director, Pax Educare, Inc. The CT Center for Peace Education
  • Mary O’Brien  Registered Nurse
  • Dave Ragland
  • Deborah Schein Education Consultant
  • Jeffrey Weisberg Director of Programs and Outreach, River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding