Intro to Peace Ed 2: The Scope of Peace Ed

Dates: April 9-May 7, 2013
Location: Online course
Conducted by:  Teachers Without Borders
Course Instructors: Stephanie Knox Cubbon
Course fees: $125 (Special discount available: if you sign up for all 3 “Intro to Peace Ed” modules by Feb 28th, you will receive a 20% discount – a savings of $75!)
NPA Certificate Points: CEUs: 1.4  NPA Course #: NCP17.2
Spheres of Peace:   personal, social

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The Teachers Without Borders Peace Education Program supports educators in their personal and professional development and connects them with like-minded colleagues from around the world through a supportive virtual learning environment. Through this 3-part course, educators will develop the knowledge and skills to put peace education into practice in their own context. Additionally, participants will engage in self-reflection on their role as peacemakers in their communities. The course consists of three 4-week modules that cover the theory, scope and practice of peace education. In Module 2, the Scope of Peace Education, participants explore the various fields that are encompassed by the broader umbrella of peace education. Our study includes the key theories, knowledge, values, and skills of each field, as well as numerous sample lessons which serve as guides and inspiration for the development of your own activities. The coursework consists of weekly readings, videos, discussion forums and assignments.

Learning Goals

  • Participants will develop an understanding of the various fields that comprise the broader field of peace education
  • Participants will create practical peace education resources and projects through weekly assignments.
  • Participants will build an online community and support system of peace educators from around the world.
  • Participants will self-reflect on peace in their own lives and their role as peacemakers

Core Knowledge

critical peace education, education for and about peace, human rights education, multicultural education, global citizenship education, conflict resolution education, environmental education, futures education, gender, disarmament education, inner peace

Core Skills

Reflective thinking, critical thinking, online dialogue, intercultural communication, nonviolent communication, experiential learning