PPI 2010 Edulearners

The instructors of all National Peace Academy programs are “edu-learners.”  Edu-learner is a concept developed by Betty Reardon.  She defines an “edu-learner (as) a practitioner/theorist whose primary activity is learning while trying to help other people learn.  The most fundamental aspect of the edu-learning process is the role of the teacher as learner and the view of learning as a lifelong process of experience reflected upon and integrated into new learning in an organic, cyclical mode, a mode that is conscious of the relations between the inner experience and the outer realities.”

Edu-learners for the 2010 PPI include (in alphabetical order):

Mike Abkin.  Education and Corporate Affairs Coordinator, National Peace Academy

Patti Bailie.  Education Director, Biosophical Institute; Pre-School Director, Schlitz Audubon Nature Center

Jim Boland.  Professor of Education and Director of Peace Resource Center, Wilmington College

Mark Chupp.  Assistant Professor, Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, Case Western Reserve University

Lou Ensel.  Board Chair of National Peace Academy, and Executive Director of the Biosophical Institute

Kristin Famula.  Education and Outreach Coordinator, National Peace Academy

Janet Gerson.   Education Director, International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE)

Paula Guarnaccia.  Director of Administration  and Finance, National Peace Academy

Samuel Guarnaccia .  Instructor (ret.), University of Vermont; guitarist and composer

Tiffany Hunter.  Transitions Coordinator at the Rebecca School

Tony Jenkins.   Education Director, National Peace Academy; Global Coordinator, IIPE

Dot Maver.  President, National Peace Academy

Patricia Mische.   Co-Founder, Global Education Associates; former Lloyd Professor of Peace Studies & World Law, Antioch College

Betty Reardon.   Founder, IIPE; recipient of the 2009 International Peace Bureau’s Sean MacBride Prize

Dale Snauwaert.   Director, Center for Nonviolence & Democratic Education and Associate Professor of Philosophy of Education, the University of Toledo, Ohio