Kristin Famula serves as the President of the National Peace Academy. Kristin also offers programming as a religious educator in Unitarian Universalist churches, currently serving a congregation in Reno, NV. As an educator, peacebuilder, and social justice advocate, she works to create and offer opportunities for people of all ages to deepen their commitment to transforming systems of oppression through reflection, learning, and relationships. In addition to her work developing peacebuilding and religious education programs, she also serves as a program leader for the Unitarian Universalist College of Social Justice and as a board member for the Living Legacy Project, an organization leading pilgrimages to the southern United States to explore Civil Rights movement history and its connection to our current work for racial justice.

Kristin’s publications include a guidebook for peacemaking in Religious Education, Peacemaking in Congregations: A Guide to Learning Opportunities for all Ages co-created by a national peacemaking working group, How to Build Peace Networks, Healing Societal Traumas and Transforming Collective Consciousness: A Path to a Culture of Healing, and The Construction of a Militarized Patriotism in the United States