Dr. Elaine Yarbrough, a member of the National Peace Academy board of directors, is founder and director of The Yarbrough Group, a consulting organization with offices in Boulder, Colorado, and Washington, DC, USA.  Their mission is to Tend the Flame of Sustainable Change by Developing the Human Side of Organizations. She specializes in conflict management, communication, and managing change for individuals, groups, and organizations. During the past 40 years, she has assisted hundreds of organizations - business, education, government, and human services.

For a period of time, she lived in Switzerland and consulted in Central and Eastern Europe and North Africa assisting American multi-nationals with managing their change and conflict after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. She has worked in 30 countries including the U.K., Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Finland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, and Singapore. People from 6 continents have been a part of her work.

Elaine has her Ph.D. in Communication and Human Relations from the University of Kansas and is certified in individual, small group development and social change by Associated Consultants International. For seven years she taught in the Department of Communication, University of Colorado, where she also directed the Conflict and Peace Studies Program. She received all university teaching awards given by faculty and students at the University.

Dr. Yarbrough has a special interest in helping women develop their unique qualities as leaders.  She speaks at many international women's conferences such as WIN (Women Internationally Networking) that attracts women from 90 nations. She has led workshops to develop women leaders in China at SIAS University sponsored by the World Academy for the Future of Women and remains on the WAFW faculty.  She and her associates have helped organize women's networks in 10 countries.  Yearly, she teaches Leading with Power and Authenticity and  Leading Genius Teams for women leaders in the cable telecommunications industry.  One of the current signature courses of The Yarbrough Group is ENCORE: Illuminate Your Mission in Life's Third Chapter for women over 50.

Dr.Yarbrough has published three books and many articles on conflict management and consulting.  Those include Artful Mediation: Constructive Conflict at Work, Constructive Conflict, and Training Strategies from Start to Finish.  Her book Leading Genius Teams will be published in 2019.