MA, MSSA (Masters in Education and in Social Work)
Peace Seekers, Eastshore UU Church

Educational Background

As a teacher and social worker, my mission is always to help people find peace in their lives, whatever their role might be.  Currently, I am using all my teaching and social work skills to tutor students with special needs, both privately and for the Mentor Schools and Lake Catholic High School.  I am also an alumnus of both PPI 2010 and 2011 and of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation's Peace Leadership training program facilitated by Captain Paul Chappell, lecturer, and author of several peace education books.  NVC training has also been a helpful tool for me in my peace-building work.  I continue to participate in NVC workshops, have read almost all of Marshall Rosenberg’s books, and have attended Marshall’s workshops in Columbus, Ohio.

Professional Experiences in Peacebuilding / Community Building

My PPI projects have involved facilitating the appearance of Paul Chappell at six different locations in Northeastern Ohio and initiating Peace Studies groups at Lake Catholic High School.  As a member of Peace Action Cleveland, I have completed many educational workshops, communicated and met with my local representatives to discuss peace issues, and participated in several peace demonstrations.  In addition, as co-facilitator of the Peace Seekers group at East Shore UU Church, I coordinated the building of a peace garden, led many peace services, facilitated NVC groups, conducted meetings on peace issues, and continue to work to instill hope for peace and justice in this church community.