Ethical Culture Clergy Leader
Main Representative at the UN for the National Ethical Service
American Ethical Union, National Ethical Service

Educational Background
At the UN,  Martha develops educational programs on Climate Change from an Ecological Consciousness perspective with a Working Group in association with the NGO Committee on Sustainable Development.   As a clergy leader, Martha has developed interfaith learning forums on cosmopolitanism,  the Muslim quest for democracy in a theocratic context,  and hydrofracking.   She is writing a Peace Curriculum for Ethical Culture,  a religious humanist organization.

Professional Experiences in Peacebuilding / Community Building
Martha serves as a consulting leader in a local ethical culture society in New Jersey where she is developing an organizational model to promote peace within itself and in the community.   Through the NGO Committee on Religions at the UN,  she promotes the Culture of Peace Resolution and International Peace Day.   She delivers Platform Talks that demonstrate how “peace today is a verb.”

Passion and Commitment in Ethical Culture  2009
Lay Leadership in Ethical Culture 2009
(Video) Ecological Consciousness:  Growing a Good Green Economy 2011
Numerous Platform Talks on Peace 2007-11.

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