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Elaine Yarbrough

Elaine YarbroughDr. Elaine Yarbrough is president of The Yarbrough Group, a consulting group in Boulder, Colorado, USA.  She and her group specialize in communication, effective leadership, inclusive workplaces, conflict management, and managing change for individuals, groups, and organizations in a diverse global context.  During the past 37 years, she has assisted more than 500 organizations and thousands of individuals in 27 countries.

In her consulting, training, and mediation, she is known for her compassionate truth telling, her broad background in practice and theory from which she  draws, and her ability to design interventions specific to the client and the situation.

Her published work includes Artful Mediation: Constructive Conflict at Work (with Dr. William Wilmot), Constructive Conflict, and Training Strategies from Start to Finish (with Paul Friedman).

Elaine has her Ph.D. in Communication and Human Relations from the University of Kansas and is certified in individual, small group development and social change by Associated Consultants International. She is one of 12 worldwide Mastery graduates in Polarity Thinking and now directs the Mastery Program for Polarity Management Associates. For seven years she taught in the Department of Communication, University of Colorado, during which time she received all university teaching awards given by faculty and students.

Select Clients

Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Volunteers of America, National Peace Academy, Sterling Rice Marketing, Baxa (Medical Device), WealthTouch, Caridian BCT, LSG Sky Chef


logo yarb“The Yarbrough Group is absolutely transnational. They are very accessible for people from all parts of the world. They are respectful and warm, sensitive to others people’s cultural identities without losing the frame of their own identity and culture. Their interactions are mature and appropriate.” Simon Middleton, Senior Vice President, Corporate Human Resources, LSG SKY CHEFS, GERMANY

“Sterling-Rice Group has worked with Elaine for years, more than I can remember. She has helped us tremendously on a variety of organizational and individual performance matters, both structured and spontaneous. She knows our people and company intimately and is a trusted advisor in helping us continually improve our culture and our skills at collaboration, leadership, conflict resolution and interpersonal communications.” Rick Sterling, Founder of The Sterling-Rice Group, Boulder, Colorado

“Elaine and her folks have an amazing talent for integration, people skills, intuition and the theory of organizational development. And there is a very significant impact on the bottom line.” Mary Peery, Senior Vice President, Hewlett Packard

“Elaine is one of the strongest organizational development consultants with which I have worked. In addition to OD, Elaine has a deep expertise on gender dynamics in organizations. She blends diversity seamlessly with team effectiveness and leadership development, in a way that makes “natural” sense. Elaine can adapt to shifting priorities quickly, and based on her years of solid consultancy, come up with alternative approaches that drive towards the intended outcome. Elaine’s consultancy approach has worked well both inside the US and in countries beyond the US. She’s a very strong, collaborative partner.”
Lisa Kepinski, Director, Global Diversity & Inclusion, Microsoft, Berlin, Germany

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