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Kristin Famula

Kristin FamulaKristin Famula
Education and Outreach Coordinator
National Peace Academy

Educational Background
Kristin earned an M.A. in Peace and Conflict Studies from the European University Center for Peace Studies (EPU), in Stadtschlaining, Austria.

Professional Experiences in Peacebuilding / Community Building
Kristin is Education and Outreach Coordinator for the National Peace Academy.  She also serves as the Director of Religious Education at Prairie Unitarian Universalist church in Colorado.  Kristin has worked on many community organizing projects throughout the United States and in Romania and Chile, including organizing around voter registration, election reform, safety and environmental impacts, and peacemaking.  In the past few years she has worked as the co-state coordinator for the Department of Peace campaign in Colorado and as a co-chair for the Unitarian Universalist Peacemaking Curriculum working group.  Kristin has offered trainings and workshops in peacemaking and education and recently created a multi-generational service and social justice summer course.  The program offers a series of projects that combine education, service work and reflection for children, youth and adults.  This program began its third year in May.

Kristin’s publications include a guidebook for peacemaking in Religious Education, Peacemaking in Congregations:  A Guide to Learning Opportunities for all Ages co-created by a national peacemaking working group, How to Build Peace Networks, Healing Societal Traumas and Transforming Collective Consciousness: A Path to a Culture of Healing, and The Construction of a Militarized Patriotism in the United States.

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