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Patti Bailie

Patti BailiePatti Bailie
Education Director and Preschool Director
The Biosophical Institute and Schlitz Audubon Nature Center

Educational Background
Patti Bailie has a BA in Psychology from University of Cincinnati, an MEd from John Carroll University and is completing a PhD (ABD) in Curriculum & Instruction with emphasis on early childhood and science education from University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Her dissertation research investigates how nature center based preschools combine early childhood and environmental goals in teaching young children. She has taught science for early childhood and other early childhood courses at Community Colleges in Cleveland, OH and Omaha, NE.

Professional Experiences in Peacebuilding / Community Building
Patti has worked in the field of early childhood environmental education for the past 20 years at three different nature centers (in Ohio, Nebraska, and Wisconsin). She was co-director of the Early Childhood Outdoors (ECO) Institute in Nebraska and is presently the director of the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center Preschool in Wisconsin. She is a trustee of The Biosophical Institute, board member of Greenhearts Institute for Nature in Childhood, and trustee of the National Peace Academy. Recent work includes collaborating on the development of a teacher workshop called Deep Teaching: Growing Peace that combines peace, nature and spirituality in teaching young children. Patti has presented nationally and internationally on nature and young children and on the development of the inner peace nature through Biosophical principles.



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