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Invest in Peacebuilding

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TablePoster 2016Building on a Strong Foundation - Establishing an Enduring Peace

On March 29, 2016, the National Peace Academy launched its comprehensive development campaign - 3 years, 3 million dollars, 3 priorities:

  1. Capital – construction of the Elise Boulding National Peace Academy House at Point of View, including an on-site program office for NPA and living quarters for national and international participants engaged in peacebuilding dialogues.
  2. Endowment – development of a National Peace Academy endowment fund designed to sustain NPA in perpetuity.
  3. Expansion – expanded and enhanced peacebuilding programs and initiatives for even greater national effectiveness in advancing a culture of peace.

Your investment in the Building on a Strong Foundation - Establishing an Enduring Peace campaign will be memorialized as part of the groundswell of peacebuilders in this country. You may donate by check, credit card, electronic fund transfers, appreciated stock, and/or other options (see below). And any gift may be made in recognition of those individuals or organizations who have impacted your life.

Tree of PeaceTree of Peace

Your contribution to Building on a Strong Foundation - Establishing an Enduring Peace will be honored on the “Tree of Peace”, to be displayed on a wall of the Elise Boulding National Peace Academy House at Point of View.

Naming Rights

Additionally, donors who give at the extraordinary levels illustrated below will have an opportunity to name specific parts of the Point of View center:

  • One six-room residential building: $1 million
  • One renovated original cottage: $750 thousand
  • Digital Library: $450 thousand
  • Peacebuilding conference room: $50 thousand each
  • Rooms within the Elise Boulding National Peace Academy House: $200 thousand each
  • The National Peace Academy office: $250 thousand
  • Endow the NPA Point of View affiliate program chair: $1.5 million
  • Endow the Elise Boulding Scholar-Practitioner: $600 thousand
  • Fund the Program Manager for joint NPA/GMU initiatives at Point of View for two years: $250 thousand

It is possible to pool donations with friends and associates to purchase a name to honor a person or organization or movement that has special meaning to all of you in the pool.

Giving Levels

Gifts will be honored on the Tree of Peace at the following levels:

Master Builder of Peace -- $500,000 or more

Architect of Peace -- $100,000-$499,000

Peace Visionary -- $10,000-$99,000

Peace Partner -- $1,000-$9,999

Peace Foundation -- $100-$999

Peace Cornerstone -- $1-$99

You may choose to give your gift at one time or through a building blocks recurring donation, where your gift pledge can be fulfilled monthly or quarterly over the 3 years of our campaign (through March 2019) and will be honored for the full amount over the length of the campaign. For example, a building blocks recurring donation of $500 per month will, over two years, reach the “Peace Visionary” level.

Peace Pathway

We are excited to honor organizations and people who have paved the path for the establishment of the National Peace Academy and for the work of peace in this country.

A special Peace Pathway installed at Point of View will honor such distinguished organizations as, Beyond War, Biosophical Institute, Foundation for Global Community, National Peace Foundation, Omega Point Institute, and the many organizations whose step-by-step advances along the pathway of peace enabled the baton to be passed to the National Peace Academy.

Donations made in honor of these organizations will be pooled. Once a $10,000 threshold is reached for any one of them, that organization will be celebrated on the Peace Pathway at Point of View.

Various Ways to Give

Please fill out our secure online donation form or mail a check to National Peace Academy, P.O. Box 2024, San Mateo, CA 94401.

If you would like to discuss naming rights and/or Peaceful Steps opportunities or other ways to contribute (stock transfers, planned giving, etc. – see below), please email

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or call 650-918-6901.

Together we will establish an enduring peace!
Click here to hear from others about why they support NPA!

Other Ways to Donate

elisehomeforpjsatalk2005 smlWith the National Peace Academy Elise Boulding Scholarship Fund, we celebrate with joy and appreciation Elise Boulding’s life of service on behalf of the common good. We celebrate her lifelong demonstration of the spirit of peace and imagine with Elise a culture of peace. The Elise Boulding Scholarship Fund ensures that seeds of peace will continue to be sown as we educate the coming generations of peacebuilders in all walks of life in the knowledge, skills, and capacities to create a culture of peace at every level of our society. Your gift will support scholarships and fee waivers for NPA programs. Elise Boulding

Click the “donate now” link above to help build this scholarship fund. Where the form asks Please direct my donation to”, choose the Scholarship Fund option.

In her final years, Elise would graciously and happily share with visitors her wisdom, wit, and wonderful imagination and sense of possibility. She would tell stories that came alive as she spoke of her years seeding peace around the world and inspiring a culture of peace. Elise’s legacy reminds us that peace work encompasses our children’s playgrounds, our family homes, our shared work places, our communities, and the world.

Elise served as Honorary Chair of the National Peace Academy Advisory Board and welcomed the stakeholders to the March 2009 National Peace Academy Design Summit at Case Western Reserve University. In her welcoming remarks, her love of humanity and capacity to inspire came through as she touched our hearts. We are mindful of her statement, “There is no time left for anything but to make peacework a dimension of our every waking activity.”

Planned Giving is one way you can leave a legacy of peace for future generations.

A planned gift is a gift that in most cases will benefit the National Peace Academy at some future point in time. Unlike an outright gift that provides NPA full benefit upon receipt (such as a gift to the Annual Pledge Drive), a planned gift defers the NPA’s use of transferred assets until the death of a donor or until the end of a specified period of time.

Planned Giving offers friends of the National Peace Academy the opportunity to make a final testament about the importance of their belief in Peace and can help ensure resources will be available in the future to do NPA’s important work. When someone makes a planned gift to an organization like the National Peace Academy as a beneficiary, he/she elevates NPA to the level of family. It’s a big deal. In return for a planned gift, donors and their families may receive important estate and income tax benefits – in addition, of course, to the knowledge that they are leaving a legacy of Peace.

Examples of Planned Gifts include bequests by will; gifts from IRAs and pension plans; life insurance policies; and gifts of property.

Most Planned Gifts are not available to the NPA until death, so these gifts enable a donor to preserve the potential need for the asset during their lifetime. Yet, because they benefit NPA in the future and often provide attractive estate tax benefits, they serve as an excellent philanthropic tool. Other forms of Planned Gifts involve vehicles that provide the donor or a secondary beneficiary an income stream for life.

For these and all Planned Gifts, donors should consult with their financial planners.

Over 80 percent of planned gifts are through wills. However, studies show that 58 percent of American adults have not written a will, giving them little control or input into what may happen to their assets upon death. Please, consider making a will and including the National Peace Academy as a beneficiary!

If you are interested in learning more about a Planned Gift to the National Peace Academy, please contact National Peace Academy President Kristin Famula at

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, or phone 650-918-6901.

Make a stock, bond, or mutual fund gift to the National Peace Academy. If you may be interested in making such a gift, please contact us at
Let us know your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions about how the National Peace Academy can be most effective in helping to foster a culture of peace, or about peacebuilding in general. Also, let us know what kind of support you need – for yourself, your organization, or your community! Folks reach out to us for all kinds of services, including support in creating programs in schools; advising on events, programs and conferences; speaking opportunities; etc. We'd love to support you or put you in touch with any of our partners who can provide the direct support you need.
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or phone 650-918-6901.
The National Peace Academy makes it easy to donate your car through the “Donate a Vehicle to Any Charity” program. Click here to quickly and conveniently donate your car online today.

Make a special gift to the NPA “in memory of” or “in honor of” a family member or special peacebuilder in your life. If you request it, the National Peace Academy will also send a special notice and thank you to the recipient of your gift dedication.

Click the “donate now” link above to make a gift in the dedication of someone special in your life. Select the check-box on the form indicating: “I would like to dedicate this gift in honor or memory of an individual or group.”

The National Peace Academy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with IRS tax identification number 27-2285227. Contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

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