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Blog Post #3: “Conflict is so pervasive, and yet we neglect it.”

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As a Global Youth Rising participant from Scotland noted during a time of sharing our stories within small groups, “conflict is so pervasive, and yet we neglect it”. This theme seems to run through our time together here in Romania.

GYR Scene1There are many things we know we will encounter in life as we navigate the twists and turns of education, starting and raising a family, establishing a career. So we develop the inner and outer tools for navigating safely – training, education, skill-building, and tricks of the trade. We want to be able to move around, and so we have cars and we take driving lessons at a certain age and practice driving – stopping, parking, high and low speeds, etc. We know people get sick, and so we teach people how to care for themselves – nutrition, washing our hands, first-aid skills – and as our research shows us new ways of caring for ourselves, we teach folks new skills.

In all this, there is from time to time conflict. Conflict happens every day – with friends on the playground, in families, between partners, in businesses, in governments. All too often, though, training and education for navigating conflict is not part of the preparation-for-life package. And so, we don’t look upon and manage conflict as a normal and natural part of life and relationships, one that presents opportunities for creativity, growth, and win-win resolutions. Instead, we view conflict as abnormal, something to be avoided and suppressed, and win-lose propositions.

The young peacebuilders at Global Youth Rising have been exploring this phenomenon. What causes this to happen, and what can we do in each of our own contexts to transform the “neglect” of conflict?

July 17, 2016

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