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Blog Post #4: We have to keep working for peace, even in places that seem peaceful

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GYR TheaOnBLMThea, from the U.S., at a panel about inspirational global movements for changeAs our Global Youth Rising group sat this week, coming together after the events in Nice and the coup in Turkey, we pondered what the response could be from a group of people doing the work to create new realities around violence. An ongoing thread during our time together has been the fact that none of this is about violence happening “out there” – we are all connected to the people involved and to the causes and outcomes of our interactions together. As we all know, simply not being involved in an active war doesn’t mean we’re ‘at peace,’ and so we tend to ignore the possible growing systems and structures that are instigating violence.

GYR TatianKristinSibiu cropFor a group coming together from so many different corners of the world, what has been striking is the widespread presence of hate in our various cultures. It has been painful to watch a language of hate mainstream itself into our common rhetoric – stemming from a persistent feeling of distrust and fear that seems to be intensifying and spreading widely around the globe. Many of us came to GYR in Romania hoping to discover together new ways in which we could address this undercurrent of hate, identify the root causes, and create lasting solutions – working in community with other peacebuilders from around the world instead of in our own countries since this culture of hate seems to be spreading globally.

July 17, 2016

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