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"Hands Around the Mosque" in Santa Clara, CA

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On March 19, 2017, the National Peace Academy and over 40 other interfaith and civil society organizations partnered with the San Francisco Bay Area's Muslim Community Association and American Muslim Voice Foundation, who  hosted the event, to show solidarity with the Muslim community and with all faith-based, ethnic, and immigrant communities beset by the rising tide of hate in the nation. Over 500 women, men, and children from around the Bay Area attended to, literally, encircle the mosque with outstretched hands and hearts.

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Over 20 speakers representing many faith traditions as well as secular segments of civil society and local, state, and national government addressed the tagline theme of the event, "Replacing the culture of fear, division and violence with a culture of hope, inclusion and peace." Among the "speakers" was a girl scout troop, who led the audience in a rousing rendition of "We Shall Overcome."  In her remarks, Samina Sundas, founder and executive director of American Muslim Voice, added a proactive dimension to the emerging "resist and persist" movement byNancyMikeSaminaHandsAroundMosque0317 crop pledging to do all she can to "assist" in building love and peace in her own neighborhood and community and called on everyone in attendance to do likewise in theirs.

In the photo at right, Samina appears with NPA board member Mike Abkin and Nancy Merritt of the Peace Alliance.



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