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Push4Peace: A Global Call to Action

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p4p logo 150x92Over the past few decades, there has been an exponential growth of peacebuilding efforts quietly emerging around the world. This emergence has spread over multiple sectors of society and across a continuum ranging from inner to international peace. Examples include growing interest in and practice of meditation, mind-body medicine, nonviolent communication, peace education, conflict resolution education, community mediation, restorative justice, interfaith collaborations, and UN, bilateral, and NGO-initiated community peacebuilding projects in conflict zones around the world.

In 2012, a group of strategic partners will catalyze a worldwide celebration of these diverse efforts as part of a growing wave of peace. Their aim is to inspire one billion people to take action in an emerging global movement to create a culture of peace. On June 13th the UN will announce the 100 day countdown to IDP 2012: Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future; at Rio+20 we will announce: Take the Pledge! I will take an action for peace in 2012. June 23rd is the kickoff event for Summer of Peace, leading to 11 Days of Global Unity (9.11 – 9.21). And on IDP 2012 push4peace will announce a ninety day call to action culminating in Shift Network’s Birth 2012 December 22nd.This period of celebration and action, which will be centered around the International Day of Peace on September 21, extends from June 13 through December 22. Here is the timeline:

  • June 13: 100-day countdown begins to the International Day of Peace 2012, announced by United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.
  • June 21–September 21: Summer of Peace 2012 – a ninety-day global celebration and call to action for inner and outer peace. The Summer of Peace 2012, ending on the International Day of Peace, will build momentum for Push4Peace.
  • September 11–21: 11 Days of Global Unity – a campaign that highlights 11 dimensions of change that call forth the values, spirit, and service needed to move us towards a culture of peace and a world that works for all.
  • September 21: The United Nations International Day of Peace is celebrated annually on September 21. At noon on this day every year, people around the world take a moment of silence for the prayer of peace: May Peace Prevail On Earth, and there is a united call for a global ceasefire. This year, EarthDance, Peace One Day, World Peace Live, Project Peace On Earth, Hope Sings, and others will host global concerts and events with an International Day of Peace focus.
  • September 22–December 21: Push4Peace – a ninety-day global call to action for peace beginning on the International Day of Peace (IDP). Under the Push4Peace banner, the UN IDP committee, PeaceJam, Summer of Peace 2012, the Birth 2012, and many other groups and individuals will come together to create a wave of peace action around the world.
  • December 22: Birth 2012The Shift Network’s Birth 2012 on December 22nd will mark the culmination of the six-month outpouring of goodwill and action on behalf of a culture of peace. We can only imagine what can be realized as all humanity comes together around a shared intention of peace and becomes the tipping point of transformation.

Imagine one billion people taking action for peace! And on September 21st at noon – a moment of silence will sweep the globe, from New Zealand onward … a wave of right relationship and wise stewardship in the spirit of peace.

The National Peace Academy joins the Push4Peace global movement by creating and dispersing an educational curriculum based on NPA’s 5 spheres of peace and right relationships. Watch here for more information about this special curriculum.

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