Our Work

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The National Peace Academy is motivated by a vision of “cultures of peace” in the United States and around the world – that is, societies founded upon the concept of peace as articulated in the Earth Charter: “the wholeness created by right relationships with oneself, other persons, other cultures, other life, Earth, and the larger whole of which all are a part.”

Our contribution to the realization of this vision is to advance the transformation to a culture of peace in the United States by elevating in the public consciousness the meaning and value of peacebuilding and everyone’s role in it and developing the full spectrum of the peacebuilder in everyone.

We do this through dynamic, coordinated programmatic initiatives that together address our three areas of strategic priority. All our work is based upon NPA’s “5 Spheres of Peace” Program Framework

The National Peace Academy implements its strategic priorities through a coordinated and mutually supportive program of initiatives. Currently, these initiatives include:

  • Truth Telling
  • Peacebuilder Teleconference Dialogues
  • Peacebuilding Communities of Practice
  • Peacebuilding in Schools
  • Metta Roadmap


Past programs of the National Peace Academy have included:

  • National Peacebuilding Peacelearning Certificate Program (NCP)
  • Peacebuilding Peacelearning Intensive (PPI)
  • Peacebuilding Peacelearning Conference
  • International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE)
  • Global Campaign for Peace Education