Imagine a place where . . .

  • citizens from diverse backgrounds learn to resolve conflict before it escalates to violence
  • cutting edge research is used to develop new forms of peacebuilding
  • law enforcement officers are trained in state of the art forms of conflict prevention
  • restorative justice practitioners from across the country and the world share lessons learned and emerging challenges
  • communities go when events like Ferguson occur, to be supported by experts in developing strategies for addressing underlying causes
  • cohorts of people doing work on the ground in conflict zones globally come together; breaking down silos to inspire more effective cooperation on behalf of the common good.
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Conference facility at Point of View

This vision is becoming a reality!

POV SiteSitting on 120 acres of protected land overlooking the Belmont Bay in the Mason Neck region of Virginia, Point of View is an international retreat and research center dedicated to peace – a “Civilian Camp David” – located at George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (S-CAR). Through a historic collaboration between the National Peace Academy and S-CAR, Point of View is expanding to include residential facilities and opportunities for joint NPA/S-CAR programming.


Point of View brings together:

  • A beautiful piece of land near Washington DC: a generous donation from the Lynch Family.
  • A state of the art retreat center that will accommodate up to 100: Realized through an appropriation from the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • A dedicated cohort of scholars doing cutting-edge research specifically on conflict resolution: The School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution is the largest interdisciplinary faculty in conflict resolution in the world, bringing together anthropologists, sociologists, philosophers, social psychologists, and professional peacebuilders.
  • A global network of people doing the work in the field: S-CAR and NPA together comprise a community of scholars, graduate, and undergraduate students, alumni, practitioners, and organizations in the field of peacebuilding and conflict resolution.

Elise Boulding Scholar/Practitioner

As part of NPA’s affiliation with S-CAR, we have established the position of Elise Boulding Scholar/Practitioner, named for one of the founders of the field of Peace and Conflict Studies, and a founder of the National Peace Academy. Dr. Arthur Romano of S-CAR is serving as the first Elise Boulding Scholar/Practitioner. Read more about it!

Elise Boulding National Peace Academy House at Point of View

NPA’s affiliation with S-CAR also entails construction of the Elise Boulding National Peace Academy House at Point of View, which will include:

  • A National Peace Academy on-site program office
  • Comfortable living quarters for national and international participants engaged in peacebuilding dialogues – truly a “civilian Camp David”.

The capital part of NPA’s comprehensive development campaign is providing funds to construct and furnish the Elise Boulding National Peace Academy House. Find out more about the campaign, Building on a Strong Foundation - Establishing an Enduring Peace.

The Backstory

NPA and S-CAR are part of a rich peace history in the United States of America. Find out how this all came about!