Kristin Famula, NPA President, is central to the U.S. Youth Rising Initiative, which began a peacebuilding pilot program at a small, rural middle and high school in California. Building on the success of their previous peer mediation program, NPA is working with the school to expand and deepen the impact of peacebuilding skills, empower youth to address conflicts creatively and be proactive peacebuilders at their school, at home, and in their community. “We are calling the group Peace ROARiors because they are upholding their schools "ROAR" values (Respect, Open-mindedness, Ambition, Resilience)…15% of the entire school will be proactively working for peace. “. U.S. Youth Rising Initiative

Kristin represents NPA at the Reimagining Interfaith conference focused on skill-building, networking, and organizing for grassroot activists and interfaith peacebuilders from around the world. The conference is co-sponsored by numerous diverse organizations, including Religions for Peace-USA, Shoulder-to-Shoulder, United Religions Initiative-North America, World Congress of Faith, the Interfaith Funders Group, the International Association for Religious Freedom and multiple faith communities. The August meeting included programming on six skill-building program area (including a track for children) with blocks of time also set aside for open networking, dialogue groups, cultural activities, and participant-driven programming.