In November 2018, Trustee Tara Stuart, as a member of the National Peace Academy, explored new peacebuilding contacts in Cape Town, South Africa. She met with Clesia van Zyl who wants to work with groups in South Africa.  Also involved were Birthe Taylor, who has worked with the arts and international businesses in building right human relations in South Africa, and Karin Barensche, Past President of the Global Association for Ministries and Infrastructures for Peace. Clesia likely will attend the River Phoenix Peacebuilding Center in Gainesville, Florida, to develop her skills and perspectives for peacebuilding

Tara Stuart, continues her work (since 2070), to open portions of the Ancient Silk Road which influences people's lives throughout the world. In November and December 2019, she will travel with Yue Chi and a small group on a little-known portion of the Silk Road. They will drive through Southeastern China, Laos, and Vietnam to Ho Chi Minh City where the water route of the Silk Road to Europe started.  Along the way, they will meet a wide variety of people and talk about their needs and peacebuilding through connection.