Mike Abkin, NPA Trustee,  is working with the Elders Climate Action project of the Elders Action Network to develop multigenerational actions on climate change. Elders Climate Action is building a non-partisan movement of elders determined to change our nation’s policies to avoid catastrophic changes in the earth’s climate. Because of this concern and because we vote consistently, elders are in a unique position to influence national policy.

Mike volunteers with Nine Gates Programs, including staffing their Mystery School program, helping people discover and connect with their true essence and thereby get in touch with and express the peacebuilder within all of us.

Mike Abkin, Citizen Diplomacy in Russia

I traveled to Russia in September 2018 in a group 25 self-appointed U.S. citizen diplomats ranging in age from teens to eighties.”  The mission was four-fold: experience Russia first-hand, bring insights home to share with our families, friends, and fellow Americans; help Russians get to know every day America and Americans; do whatever we could to stem the rising tide of misunderstandings and animosity that threaten us all. “While our mission was not overtly political, we hope it will have some political ripples for peace and partnership between our nations.”

“It was the direct experience with the people of Russia – in Moscow, Saratov, and St. Petersburg – that taught me the most about how much alike Russians and Americans are, how much we are different, and how we might turn away from a path of increasing, and increasingly dangerous, conflict and towards a future of understanding and mutual respect.”