Dot Maver, NPA founder, board member and trustee is one of the keynote speakers at the Peace Conference at Mohonk Mountain House November 1, 2019, celebrating their 150th anniversary. New Paltz, New York,USA.

Dot is the founding executive director and now on the Board of Directors of The River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding, in its eighth year in Gainesville, Florida USA.  The Center continues to develop a Comprehensive Community Peacebuilding Model.  She recently participated in the ten-day RPCP Immersion where everyone experienced the model through visits with community groups and observation of police-youth dialogue. Seven countries were represented where Peacebuilding Centers are taking form inspired by the work of the River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding.

Dot also is key to expanding the Phoenix model across the world such as the Community Solutions Program, supported by the European Union, United Department of State, and the UN. The program gives young leaders from all over the world a chance to engage, connect and create a network for life. “This September, we started a collaboration…with the River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding and the Ukrainian NGO ‘Youth for Global Progress’, where I work both as the Executive Director and a trainer. Under the implementation of a grant in “Partnering for Stronger Communities” Project, RPCP has arrived in Ukraine with the support from IREX and Community Solutions Program to conduct and implement trainings, workshops, and official meetings in order to share their comprehensive Peacebuilding model.

Dot serves on the Board of Advisors for the Ashland Culture of Peace Commission A small group of citizens came together in Ashland, OR, to create a United Nations International Day of Peace. Later the Ashland City Council unanimously approved the Commission whose mission is to challenge and shift individual and community attitudes and beliefs from a Culture of War to a Culture of Peace. Individuals are always the bottom line for Peacebuilding but the city has the reach, authority, responsibility, and influence to set the positive tone and direction for so many people. On July 28, 2017, the Ashland City Council joined the International Cities of Peace, an event streamed live to the 164-member cities around the world. Accomplishments include a calmer and safer downtown street environment, skill building and training, Political Candidates Forum, Making Peace with Money Workshops, Uniting for Justice, Bridging Differences Workshop.

Dot also participates in monthly webinars-- Supporting UN Sustainable Development Goals, recognized as a Blueprint for the Culture of Peace.