National Peace Academy’s Peacebuilder Teleconference Dialogues invites distinguished peacebuilders and peace educators into dialogue with the National Peace Academy community of students and supporters.   Each 60-90 minute teleconference introduces important and emergent issues and efforts of concern to peacebuilders and will invite guests to engage with speakers through moderated dialogue and Q&A.

Past Dialogues


September 29, 2016

Robert Koehler, nationally syndicated columnist, and self-proclaimed peace journalist shared his reflections on what it means to be a peace journalist, what drew him to that calling, and the role of peace journalism in healing divisiveness of our nation. Bob says, "We can't report the truth until we find it in ourselves. We need to put violence into its larger context; it never happens solely in isolation. Conflict is easy to report; understanding is far more complex. We need to report the complex story. The media have a crucial role to play in the creation of peace - and it's opposite."

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Youth Peacebuilding in the U.S. and Beyond August 23, 2016

As you know from our blog, the Global Youth Rising experience was powerful. On August 23, 2016, we shared on a Peacebuilder Teleconference Dialogue the learnings, the takeaways, the next steps. On this call, we featured each of the participants and facilitators who attended Global Youth Rising on behalf of the United States. There were insights from each person's experience, and our immediate next steps, including an invitation to engage in the conversation about how we best support youth peacebuilding in the United States and beyond.


Introducing NPA’s Elise Boulding Scholar-Practitioner, Dr. Arthur Romano December 7, 2015

NPA’s first Elise Boulding Scholar/Practitioner, Dr. Arthur Romano of George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (S-CAR), shared insights into how this new affiliation will enhance the merging of peacebuilding research and practice; what is working in the field of restorative justice, particularly in schools; nonviolence; and his role as scholar/practitioner.

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Community Peacebuilding

Community Peacebuilding with Jacqueline Roebuck Sakho, Mark Chupp and David Anderson Hooker

On Tuesday, March 25, 2014, the National Peace Academy hosted a Peacebuilder Teleconference Dialogue focused on Community Peacebuilding. In conjunction with NPA’s Community Peacebuilding initiative, this dialogue brought together experts in the fields of peacebuilding and community organizing to share their perspectives, strategies, and learnings. Resources from our speakers will be made available soon. You can also join an ongoing discussion with our speakers on our facebook page.

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NPA 5th Birthday Celebration with Special Guest Abigail Disney March 4, 2014

The National Peace Academy celebrated its 5th birthday with a special teleconference on March 4, 2014. NPA President, Dot Maver and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Tony Jenkins were joined by special guest Abigail Disney! Abigail is the producer of the film “Pray the Devil Back to Hell” and the groundbreaking PBS mini-series “Women, War & Peace.” Abigail shared her thoughts about Building a Culture of Peace in the USA and addressing the “Entertainment Industrial Complex”. Abigail also took questions from the NPA community. In addition to Abigail, call participants heard from alumni, edulearners, partners, and trustees about how NPA continues to change the world.


Frans Verhagen: “The Tierra Solution: Resolving the Climate Crisis through Monetary Transformation” Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This special Peacebuilder Teleconference Dialogue, recorded September 26, 2012, featured Frans Verhagen speaking about his new book “The Tierra Solution: Resolving the Climate Crisis through Monetary Transformation.” The Tierra Solution deals with decarbonization as part of a proposed transformed international monetary system where a specific tonnage of CO2e per person becomes its monetary standard. In such system the strength of a nation’s economy and currency is determined by its approximation of this standard in its use of renewable energy efforts away from fossil fuels. The strategy and prospects of this Tierra system proposal of integrated global governance were discussed.

Kathleen Barry

Dr. Kathleen Barry: “Awakening our Consciousness to the Inhumanity of War: Critical Reflections on Media, Militarism and Masculinity” Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dr. Kathleen Barry shared with participants her perspectives on the possibilities for consciousness-raising and the critical role of empathy in addressing the inhumanity of war through a critical inquiry into the relationship between media, militarism, and masculinity.


Rinaldo Brutoco: “Economics and Peace” with Michael Shank Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rinaldo Brutoco, President of the World Business Academy, shared with participants his perspectives on the topic of “Economics and Peace.” This special dialogue also featured Michael Shank, US Vice President at the Institute for Economics and Peace and a board member of the National Peace Academy.

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Chowdhury Photo

Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury, “The Human Right to Peace” Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ambassador Chowdhury shared with teleconference participants the vision of the Human Right to Peace that has been developed in consultation with civil society as well as introduce the goals of the effort to introduce and adopt the Santiago Declaration on the Human Right to Peace at the United Nations. At the conclusion of his talk, Ambassador Chowdhury invited questions and dialogue with call participants.

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