This study guide is divided into three units, one each for children, youth and adults.  The curriculum provides exercises and resources appropriate for the primary (elementary) and secondary (youth – adolescents) classroom.   The adult curriculum is intended as an introductory self-study guide.

The 90-day curriculum is divided into 12 weekly lessons, requiring between 45-90 minutes per lesson.   Two weeks are given to each of the 5 spheres of the National Peace Academy framework.   The first lesson provides an introduction to all 5 spheres and the final lesson holistically weaves the 5 spheres together through practical applications.

Given the broad and holistic scope of this curriculum, most exercises and activities provide only an initial introduction to the many theories, ideas, and practices of peace and peacebuilding.  Teachers should treat this curriculum as an introduction and should complement relevant exercises with follow-up activities.  In some instances, additional preparation may be required before engaging in exercises.  However, in most instances lessons are designed to stand-alone.  When and where possible, suggestions for additional resources are also provided.

The Teacher’s Guide includes:

  • Notes on the Structure of the Curriculum
  • Suggested Preparations and Follow-up
  • Curricular Learning Goals
  • Notes on Peacelearning Pedagogy